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 Cricket McGraw 



Kelsey's Big Creative Project Course helped me prioritize which project are most important to me and then how to break the project down into  steps to make it less daunting and easier to manage. Because of what the course taught me, I have continued to move forward on my projects and have found new passion for my creative side. I will never allow my creativity to be silenced again. 

Kathryn Barrett

  Award-winning author of contemporary romance


I signed up for Kelsey’s class, with no expectation whatsoever of overcoming such a monumental block. About two weeks into the course, my creativity took a tentative step forward, then another, and I found myself writing new words again, at a pace I hadn’t experienced in years. The feeling of accomplishment fed the next day’s work, and the next, until I’d written several chapters and felt confident again that I’d get this book finished. This feeling of accomplishment is truly priceless!

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