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If you're interested in a speaker who's honest and humorous, I'm your gal. I'm passionate about helping people get creative work DONE and am totally up front about how best to do it. 

My students dubbed me with these nifty initials: LBRBRS, CIMW, PRE, & CC&BK (Left Brain Right Brain Reconciliation Specialist, Certified Idea Monkey Wrangler, Pantser Rustler Extraordinaire, and Creative Cheerleader & Butt Kicker.) 

Oh, and I'm also a USATBA - a USA Today Bestselling Author.

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Most Requested Topics

Values Matter: Redefining Creative Success

Overwhelmed, burned out, envious, overworked, scattered, exhausted, perpetually unsatisfied, unhappy with your creative career. Any of this sound familiar?

Or maybe you sink into analysis paralysis every time you’re faced with a business decision. Should you join a group promotion? Spend that money on Facebook ads? Take a vacay to Tahiti and buy Mai Tais instead? (Or at least a blow-up pool for your staycation.)

In this time of publishing overwhelm and unlimited choice, USA Today bestseller Kelsey Browning will help you rediscover how to feel joyful and confident about making the right decisions for a successful creative career.

Find Your Coffee Cup, Your Glasses, & Your WIP: Organizational Strategies for Creatives

As a creative entrepreneur/authorpreneur, do you often feel like Stretch Armstrong just before his arms snap off? You’re overworked, overwhelmed, burned out, and there’s always more to do. Because you not only produce the work, but you have to plan it, market it, and do the admin tasks associated with it too. 

By utilizing a few tools and techniques from this talk, you’ll be able to  face your work days with a calm confidence. Understanding your priorities will allow you to focus on the most important tasks for your creative career. And at the end of the day, you’ll be satisfied with a day well worked!

Facing the “M” Word: (Easy) Math for Authors

Whoa! Everyone knows writers don’t do math. We’re word people, not numbers people. Well, if you’re a published author or aspire to be one, then you’re an entrepreneur. Doesn’t matter if you’re indie, traditionally published, or a hybrid.

And as businesspeople, we must have some understanding of our finances and other critical data (yeah, I said the “D” word too).

Join USA Today bestselling author (and Virgo and economics major) Kelsey Browning for a fun and illuminating lesson on scary stuff like revenue, profit, and ROI. With a few simple calculations, you will understand your business in a whole new and wonderful way!

Playing Nice in the Sandbox: Successful Creative Collaboration

Are you considering co-authoring a book or collaborating on a big creative project? It’s not as simple as two (or more) heads being better than one. And it’s sure not half the work. A successful collaboration is much like a marriage, and it takes careful planning, consideration, and communication.

Join USA Today bestseller Kelsey Browning as she shares lessons learned from writing a co-authored series, collaborating on a six-figure series, and establishing a business partnership with two other authors.


Information. Advice. Humor. Encouragement. Kelsey Browning gives all this and more in her presentations. Her knowledge and expertise provide valuable insights. And with a breezy yet heart-felt style, Kelsey really connects with her audience!

Pam Mantovani
Author/Past President Georgia Romance Writers


If you’re looking for a speaker who’s informative and entertaining, Kelsey Browning is your pick. She spoke at my local Sisters in Crime meeting, not one yawn in the crowd.

She was amazing!

Mary Anne Edwards

Author of the award-winning Charlie McClung Mystery Series.

A little more About


I won't tell you exactly how many years ago my speaking career began, but I will confess to having played the Wicked Stepmother in my fourth grade play of Cinderella. 

Working in higher ed, I presented to many student and alumni groups on topics ranging from Dress for Success to How to Interview to Aggie Muster.

Since becoming a full-time author, I've spoken to groups like Georgia Romance Writers, Sisters in Crime Atlanta Chapter, and at the Put Your Heart in a Book conference.

I'm a USA Today bestselling hybrid author (both traditionally and indie published) with a back list of over 20 books. Two of my series are collaborative or co-authored. I teach courses on how to be both more productive and more creative, and I run a small Inner Circle group where I provide support, accountability, and gentle butt kicks.

I'm married to a great guy who isn't freaked out by all the people living in my head. I have one son and a Labrador/Golden Retriever who believes with all his heart that he's human. The fact that he has his own pillow on my bed supports that belief.

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